Sliding Glass Door Repairs Sunshine Coast

When your door begins to drag, the last thing you want to do is replace the entire door. That is why we offer excellent sliding glass door repairs on the Sunshine Coast. We provide professional know-how and exceptional experience so that your slider will appear as good as new once we complete the repair. Learn what makes us unique in the industry.

The Best Sliding Door repairs on the Sunshine Coast

We aim to repair your door in less than two hours for under $350. When you tire of pushing a sliding door that won’t glide, call us, and we will complete the job before you realise the time. Discover what makes our clients happy to contact us.

  • If your door is dragging, there is a good chance that the rollers and guides are worn. We will replace these parts and install a “Miracle Stainless Steel Cover Track” that ensures your door works like new.
  • Our technicians commit themselves to value and quality for all their services. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. When we leave your home or facility, we want to ensure that you are happy with the results.
  • Your time and money are essential components of how we work with you. We complete almost every job in under two hours and keep costs competitive. No matter how you look at it, our work is second to none.

Slider Rescue Australia Serves You Best

Our reliable, affordable service includes the following services: we clean the tracks and patio doors, align the locks and panels, replace rollers, and repair tracks. After calling us, our team will visit your location to inspect and understand the issue. Before we complete the job, we want you to be completely satisfied.